COVID-19 Strengthening Our Communities - Volunteering

Neighbourhood Teams and Community Helpers -

At this critical time it is important that we look after each other, especially those who are most vulnerable in our community. Don't know where to begin?  - We can help!  Consider volunteering as a Block Captain or as a Community Helper and make a lasting difference. Our volunteer sign-up page is found here. Our Training resources can be found here

Training Resources can be found by clicking  here

We are here to offer individuals and organizations training, support and connections so you can, in turn, support others.

We are asking you to volunteer for two roles:

1)  Block Captain:  Claim your block, your floor or your building. It is a scale that is both human and manageable. It will involve dropping off a note to your neighbours with your contact information. Ask for contact information. Ask who will join your team.  Map who is vulnerable. Then set up a means to communicate with each other, listen as issues emerge and help your neighbour when it is needed. This can all be done while keeping a physical distance. We will provide resources to help you along the way. - To learn more about how to build a Neighbourhood Team Click Here.


2)  Community Helper:  From our conversations within our communities, it is clear that many of us will need a helping hand, especially those who are most vulnerable. Volunteer to be a Community Helper who can take on tasks such as, making phone calls or delivering food hampers and other essentials. We will be working with our partners to identify gaps and needs in our communities and how our Community Helpers can fill these gaps. 

To learn more or to sign-up to help please complete our Volunteer Sign-up Sheet.


We want to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of this initiative.


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