Pancakes for a Purpose -Green Line Talking points

Talking Points for the Green Line

*Remember, our tone is charming not harping--we want to engage MLAs in the dream of building something great for Calgary, not jumping down their throat for inaction*

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  • Calgary needs the Green Line
    • It will have positive economic impact by creating jobs as the project is shovel-ready
    • It is essential infrastructure to decrease vehicle emissions and traffic congestion
  • We need the Green Line built NOW. Any further delays and uncertainty about the project scope will only increase costs. Delays back in 2021 because of the province kept the city from procuring contracts meant we had to sign contracts at post-pandemic inflated prices with more competition for contractors-a large part of why the original amount pledge may not be enough. 
  • The Green Line needs to go to Eau Claire Station. The original Green Line plan was to connect North to South, though Phase 1 is only planned from Shepherd in the South to Eau Claire downtown. The Eau Claire station is key for the next phase to be able to go across the river and north. 
  • The Need is in the North. 
    • People who want to rethink the scope and go further south are ignoring where the ridership needs actually based on transit usage in north vs. south
    • North Calgary has been waiting a long time already for LRT service
    • The north leg will actually be financially self-sustaining