Mental Health and Addictions

Every day we witness the impacts of mental health issues, while all of us work towards mental wellness. This campaign will focus on increasing access to mental health and addiction recovery resources as well as other ways to reduce adverse stress and promote mental wellness. 

This campaign was launched on April 4th, 2019. The team that will lead this work has been formed and is now engaged in initial research. 

What are we learnign so far? 

  • How important it is to address mental health challenge in youth - when mental health challenges are much more treatable. 
  • To address mental health challenge in youth we need to support schools and families.
  • Access to quality counciling services is a major issues - cost and wait times for subsudized serves are the biggest barriers.
  • We are hearing lots of stories about how the system is not integrated - which means people don't get the help they need. 
  • As a community we need to address the stigma around mental health - and begin to see it as an illness like any physical illness. 
  • Communities need to be equiped so that they can support positive mental health and those who are struggling with mental illness. 
  • People need to be able to access addiction serves in a timely manner. 

We are also learning about some great resources. 

One resource that is being recognized internationally and has been developed here in Alberta is the Brain Story Certifican Course. This has been highly recomended to us so we are passing it along to you. It is free and excellent. It can be found at: 


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We would like to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of this work

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