Truth and Reconciliation

It is time that we face the truth of our colonial past and how it has impacted all of us. We must not just face our past, we also need to build new, life-giving relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people so that together we can shape a relationship in which all can thrive. 

The history of colonization is a wound that strikes at the very heart of this land. This leaves us with the question of how can we heal this wound. We are approaching this by:

  1. Building relationships between communities
  2. Truth-telling
  3. Taking action to address the ongoing legacy of colonialism

Currently, our campaign is focused on:

  1. Supporting the creation of an Indigenous Gathering Place as a cultural, spiritual and community centre in Calgary. For more information about the Indigenous Gathering Place please visit
  2. Practicing the teaching of Making Wolf – as a model for truth-telling and making peace after a conflict.
  3. Learning how to build alliances between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and sharing what we learn.
  4. Addressing the “colonial mindset” through education, relationship-building and connecting to the land.

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