Tipi Harvest for Calgary Healing Tipi(s) in Honor of the 215 Children & Residential School Survivors.

OUR GOAL: Is to build four tipis, which will require raising approximately $11,000.00 to purchase four 21ft tipi canvas’ and harvest approximately 120 tipi poles. Donations are not taxed deductible. 

The Tipi is the traditional home of many First Nations. The structure of the tipi itself is sacred and powerful in many ways. Different Nations hold various teachings on the importance and meaning of tipis, though the concept of 'respect for our homes' is universal.

This initiative is lead by members of the local Indigenous community. It gives First Nations and Calgarians a chance to come together to literally build the traditional home and work towards a sense of true understanding, connection and healing.

There are over 500 churches in the city of Calgary, multiple Synagogues & Temples yet nothing within the City’s infrastructure that solely supports First Nations culture and the right to pray, year-round. Here at Calgary Alliance, we are asking for support from the community to fund this project. 

All funds raised by this effort will be used to support this project. When the harvesting of tipi poles and funds are finished, Pop-Up Healing Camps will be set up in and around Calgary. These Tipis will be donated to local organizations! 

Please support us in building a safe space for community learning and much more. 

Need more information? Please contact: 

If you would like to volunteer with this effort please visit this web page with upcoming volunteer times.

$8,901.00 raised
GOAL: $11,000.00

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We would like to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of this work.