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Keep the Green Line on Track 2024

Partisan games are threaten this city-building project, and we need all levels of government to commit to working together to find the funding to ensure the Green Line gets built now, to Eau Claire, so it can eventually go across the river, because the Need is in the North. Let's remind our MLAs that 89% of Calgarians want the whole Green Line built! We have two active actions:  Pancakes for a Purpose   and Email your MLA For more background information on why we are campaigning to Keep the Green Line on track, read on. 


The Environment team invites us to imagine a brighter climate future. The Environment team, led by our member organization, the Climate Hub, is asking that the City of Calgary build for not just stimulus but substantive, funded climate action for the betterment of our communities.

Housing Campaign

Our city is in crisis. Did you know that the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has highlighted that the lowest incomes in Calgary can only truly afford 5% of housing in the city? And the University of Calgary’s residences team has been flooded by over 5,000 applications for housing?

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The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is everyday people taking powerful action together for the common good.

We develop the diverse voices of our community, building relationships across religious, racial, class, and neighborhood lines.

Then we knit them together one by one to build the power to make the positive changes they want to see in our community, making our shared home a better place to live and thrive.

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Delegates Assembly: March 11th 2024

On Monday March 11th, representatives from each of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good's member institutions will be coming together to determine the fate of the CACG at this year's Delegate Assembly 2024

In organizing, the Delegate Assembly is an event when the representative body of the Alliance's member institutions comes together to celebrate the work we have done, collectively establish our priorities, examine our campaigns, affirm the direction of our Strategy Team,  make institutional commitments to action, and build relationships across the diversity of the Alliance. 

This year's topics include: possibilities for an upcoming Listening Campaign, building Core Teams,  restructuring and defining the roles and expectations of our different teams, Community Celebration & Fundraising Dinner and Dues! 

Each institution is represented by 2 official voting Delegates, as chosen by their community to bring the voice of that institution. In addition to the institution's 2 chosen delegates , additional Leaders and Core Team members are always welcome to join the discussion. Register HERE

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Discernment Assembly 2024

Monday, September 16, 2024 at 07:00 PM