April 7th, 2021 - Thank You, Mayor Nenshi

Calgary Alliance for the Common Good congratulates Mayor Naheed Nenshi on 10+ years of service on council.

Calgary, AB - Last night we learned Mayor Nenshi will not be running for re-election.

One of the highlights of our founding assembly was hosting the mayor and witnessing his excitement for our city. People saw how he valued civic engagement, inclusion and creating a city that is just and compassionate.

Under his leadership, our city survived fire and flood, and Calgary took leadership on investing in our neighbourhoods. Mayor Nenshi has worked on making Calgary a more inclusive and just city through initiatives like the Mental Health strategy and the low-income transit pass.

These values and qualities will be deeply missed.

We have appreciated our relationship with Mayor Nenshi and the Alliance is grateful for how he has made Calgary a place where citizens can be engaged in the debate of how to create a better future for our city.

The Alliance wishes him well in the years ahead.



"One thing that stands out for us about Mayor Nenshi was when he attended our Founding Assembly, and was so excited he couldn’t stop talking. It was so important for our members to see that we had a mayor that was genuinely excited to have citizens engaged in our civic life."

"This excitement grew into respect as we worked together around various issues to create as city that was more just, compassionate in which all people had a place at a table. Those values of civic engagement, justice, compassion and inclusion are the values that have made Nenshi a great mayor, and we hope are qualities that will continue in who ever Calgarians choose to replace him with in October."

Ryan Andersen, Lead Organizer
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

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