Orange Shirt Day - 2023


Every year, Canadians gather to reflect, reconcile and to embrace resurgence in our work towards reconciliation.

For the Calgary Alliance, it's taking the lessons shared with us by Chief Crowchild, who inspires us to "making wolf," which he shares with the community as a teaching in his work as an Elder in our communities.


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Housing Affordability Task Force Recommendations Pass | 12-3!



We are proud to share with you that city council passed the Housing Affordability Task Force recommendations over the weekend in an emergency meeting.

And the recommendations passed with a resounding 12-3 vote, well beyond expectations and sending a clear message that this council is moving forward on making substantive changes in our city's rules and procedures to create more housing.

The recommendation on alterations to zoning also survived, meaning that council will move forward with exploring changes to zoning so that we can build communities that are multi-generational and that thrive. The discussions on some of the more controversial policies, such as a discussion on rent controls, changes or reductions to parking minimums, and other items, also survived the amendment process.

What's Next?: Now councillors, administration and our civil servants will work together towards building several packages of proposals, and will return to council with those changes to bylaws, administrative procedures and new modes of including Calgarians into new housing in their communities. Please stay tuned and subscribed to our newsletter as we track these policies at council.

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Take Action on Affordable Housing

Calgary is in a housing crisis.

Email Your Councillor

Calgary is in a housing crisis. Your presence is needed: firstly, to share with our political leaders the importance of this issue to everyday Calgarians. It impacts all walks of life, from students to those on fixed incomes and Calgarians starting their lives in our communities and neighbourhoods.

We've launched a writing campagin, which you can view and send in a message to your city councillor here.

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Media Coverage

"‘Home is here’: Hundreds seek to be heard about housing at Calgary city hall"

Ryan Andersen with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good recognized that elements of the recommended housing strategy, like removing parking minimums and going to one common land-use designation, became politicized before Thursday’s meeting.

“What we expect from our leaders is to cut through that politicizing and actually address the needs of Calgarians. They’re real and so real leadership addresses the real needs of communities,” Andersen said.

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