Mental Health and Addictions

Lack of support in the area of mental illness and addiction have been a growing concern for many years.  With the arrival of COVID-19 many experts are concerned about an 'echo pandemic' of mental health challenges.  From our research over the last year we have identified three areas we believe will make a signficant postive change in the mental health and wellness of all Albertans.  

For free online training on various mental health concerns including Trauma Informed Care, Grief, Crisis Intervention and more please view our webinars under the "Get Involved - Training Resources" page.

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Truth and Reconciliation

Many steps with one goal

Our Truth & Reconciliation Research Action Team encompasses both Indigenous Elders and Community Members and Non-Indigenous Leaders that continually examine steps we can take as a society to address the consequences of our ongoing legacy of colonization.

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The Environment & The Green Line

As plans are made to re-start our economy the Environment team invites us to image a brighter climate future.  The Environment team, led by our member organization, the Climate Hub, is asking that the City of Calgary build for not just stimulus but climate through our Green Stimulus plan.

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COVID-19 Response

As an Alliance representing 30 faith-based, ethnic, union and educational organizations, CACG is deeply concerned by the prevailing situation regarding COVID-19 outbreak. This disease has affected every aspect of our lives, most notably the economic, social and psychological well-being of our communities. The overriding issue of fear of contagion or fear of being infected with the virus can be stressful and traumatic. We are continuing to listen and respond to the needs in our community. For further resources and information ...

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Providing a Basic Income to Canadians

Basic Income (BI), is a program where a regular, predictable income is unconditionally available to recipients who need it. BI provides an amount of money capable of supporting a stable, healthy life, and enables all who receive it to be full participants in the economy.  There are many aspects to consider in adopting a Basic Income program including costs, implentation challenges, marketplace impact and social benefits. 



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Social Isolation and Building Community

Our members recognized the growing problem of social isolation on April 4, 2019 when our delgates assembly asked that a team be formed to look at combating social isolation.  As 2020 has unfolded, the consequences of social isolation has been felt by a far greater portion of our population then we could have imagined.  On May 25, 2020 our social isolation team put forward a proposal to help strengthen our city.   

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