#keepCalgaryStrong Campaign

The Calgary’s City Council has put forward budget cuts of $60 million dollars ($144 million annually). This could have a profound impact on the issues we have prioritized as an Alliance over our history - addressing poverty, supporting seniors, care for the environment, social isolation and mental health.

In response, The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good has joined with allies to launch the #KeepCalgaryStrong campaign.  

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Social Isolation and Building Community

Social isolation is a growing problem in our city.  How can we build stronger communities? How do we overcome our divisions - whether they come from race, class, religion, or neighborhood? How can we welcome our differences so that they become our strengths?  

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Mental Health and Addictions

Every day we witness the impacts of mental health issues, while all of us work towards mental wellness. This campaign will focus on increasing access to mental health and addiction recovery resources as well as other ways to reduce adverse stress and promote mental wellness. 


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Truth and Reconciliation

It is time that we face the truth of our colonial past and how it has impacted all of us. We must not just face our past, we also need to build new, life-giving relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people so that together we can shape a relationship in which all can thrive. 

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The Environment

When one breath in the smoke that has filled our city over the last several summers, sees in the news images of floods and storms or listens to the knowledge of scientists - one thing becomes clear - It is time to take action to protect our environment.

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