Psychological First Aid (PFA): Virtual Care in a Pandemic to Support Children, Youth and Families


What is PFA?

PFA is an internationally recognized method of support intended to help people during and immediately after a disaster or emergency including a pandemic. It uses a holistic, community wellness approach to help reduce levels of emotional distress for individuals, families and communities through practical care, compassion, connection, and support from others.
PFA Virtual Care in a Pandemic for Children, Youth and Families is an interactive 2-hour webinar that aims to share knowledge, teach skills, build confidence, and increase capacity to support people in the face of a disaster or emergency. 

 Webinar Objectives:

  • Understand the timing of interventions for disasters and emergencies.
  • How to utilize the PFA Action Principles in virtual environments.
  • Identify and provide practical support to those in distress.
  • Understand when to refer people to appropriate community supports.
  • Explore self-care strategies for disaster response. 

A certificate of attendance will be issued by Alberta Health Services for those who participate representing two CE hours.


Katharine Heimbigner-Tenor has a bachelor in Psychology and is pursuing a MA in Counseling Psychology degree.  She's a long-time member of the Alliance and is presently co-chair on the Alliance's Mental Health Research Action Team. She also acts as the liaison for the Alliance with the Trauma Informed Care Collective advocating for the Alberta government to adopt trauma informed care practices across all agencies. 

Xun (John) Wang is holds a graduate degree specializing in School and Child Psychology from the University of Calgary. John has a well rounded understanding of mental health and early intervention programming, as well as the unique needs and barriers to services encountered by marginalized populations.  Currently, he is working at the Calgary Board of Education. 

Bess Yang is a second-year Masters of Social Work student specializing in Clinical Social Work at the University of Calgary. Growing up in an immigrant family, Bess has a good understanding of the challenges and barriers to services encountered by marginalized populations. Bess was previously working as a Community Helpers Program Coordinator, teaching individuals how to support others when faced with mental health challenges and how to connect them with community resources. She currently volunteers with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Mental Health Research Action team.

October 22, 2021 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Online (Zoom)

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