Become an Individual Member

Steps to becoming a member:

  1. Fill out the attached form.
  2. Send a payment of between $50-$200 to Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.
  3. Send these both to:

        Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Society

        8831 Fairmount Drive SE

        Calgary, AB T2H 0Z4 

   4. Someone will be in contact with you to welcome you and connect you with opportunities to get involved.


Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is primarily made up of membership organizations. However, individuals can become a member of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good by becoming a member of Calgarians For the Common Good. 


As a member of Calgarians for the Common Good, you will be able to participate with Calgary Alliance by:


- bringing about change in the city through Calgary Alliance’s Campaigns.

- developing your leadership skills through training and opportunities to practice leadership.

- connecting with other Calgarians who are interested in working together for the common good.

- partnering with other Alliance members to set direction and priorities for Calgary Alliance.


Membership is on a sliding scale from $50 - $200 per year. 

Please note that memberships are not tax deductible.


Individual Membership Application Calgarians for the Common Good


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