Take Action on Calgary's Budget



City Council is debating the next budget this month: highlighting the challenges that we are facing as citizens, with the dual pressures of an ever growing city, with few places to house our most vulnerable.

We need to take action. Please use the form below and send a note to your councillor and the mayor that not only are you and your community are paying attention, you’re demanding action – to fund council’s recently passed Housing Strategy, to fund the Mental Health Strategy, continue investing in the 5A Network, to keep the faith on our shared work on a climate resilient city, and ensuring that public transit remains accessible, affordable and connects our neighbourhoods.

Our communities rely on these services, not only to care for those around us, but to lift our fellow citizens up. Libraries, community social workers, community hubs and so many more line items need your attention, support and action now than ever before. Please edit the below sample letter and send it to our mayor and to your city councillor.