COVID19 Volunteers Needed

How do we live out the best values of our traditions at this time?

How do we bring love, compassion, solidarity, Tikun Olam, and justice into our communities? 

 We are asking our members to consider taking one of three actions:

1. Join your organizations’ core team as they look after people within your institution.

2. Become a block captain and work with your neighbour to build a neighbourhood solidarity team where neighbours look after each other. 

3. Become a community helper – and offer up your time and skills to volunteer where it is most needed. 


Core Teams 

To join a core team contact the leader of your institution, and they will connect you to the vital work your institution is doing at this time. 

Block Captains

To become a block captain, please register at:

We will be holding a civic academy/webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 pm to equip people to take on this role you can register for the webinar using the following link:

As Block Captains, we are asking you to:

Register as a block captain.

  1. Send a note to your neighbours asking them for their contact information, if they want to be a part of the team or if they need any help. 
  2. Bring those who volunteer to be a part of your team together online or through phone calls. 
  3. Map out who is most vulnerable on your block, who needs help, who can offer that help. 
  4. Make a plan and carry it out.
  5. Bring the team together regularly to learn, support each other, and make a new plan. 

Community Helpers

We are creating a list of people who are willing to be screened and volunteer beyond their community. We will then be matching up these volunteers with individual needs that are identified to us with the support of community social workers or with agencies that have identified a need. If you would like to be a community helper, please register using the link below.

Practice Physical Distancing

In all of this work, we ask people to follow the AHS’s guidelines for physical distancing. 

We ask everyone to: 

  1. Stay home if you are sick or feeling unwell. 
  2. Do not shake hands and keep safe physical distances (2 meters).
  3. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or into the bend of your elbow if you do not have a tissue handy. 
  4. Do not touch your face. 
  5. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. If soap and water is unavailable use hand sanitizer with 70% isopropyl alcohol.