Email Government about the Green Line

Email government to Keep the Green Line on Track!

We don't want partisan games to keep this city-building project from achieving it's original aim-a line that connects north to south.

Please email your MLA, the premier, and the Federal Minister of Finance and ask them to 

  • commit to finishing the project they started and Build the Green Line now
  • together find the funding that is needed to ensure the Green Line gets built to Eau Claire so it can go north-because the need is in the North
  • remind them that the majority of Calgarians want the whole Green Line built, a line running from south to north

As an Alliance, we took on the Green Line more than 5 years ago because it is an essential part of building a great city for the long term. It connects our communities, builds a green economy, provides good jobs, promotes social equity, lowers the cost of living, and reduces traffic congestion. Now, partisan games are threatening this city-building project. We need all three levels of government to work together to find the funding to have this first phase of the Green Line completed to Eau Claire so that the Green Line can continue to be built over the river to the north where it is needed most.

The full vision of the Green line extends from Seton in the south all the way north to 160th Avenue NE. Since initial approval of the project in 2021, it has been broken into phases of development. Phase 1 construction (the core of the project) from Shepherd (130th SE) to Eau Claire began in early 2024, and the Green Line board will provide an update to the council on July 4 regarding project costs and potential changes to the Green Line based on increased costs of Phase 1. Further political uncertainty only increases the cost of this project. We need to build to Eau Claire, because the Need is in the North.