Foundations Training

Over the weekend we had a successful Foundations for Community Organizing Training. 36 people spent Friday and Saturday learning how to use the skills of community organizing to work for our common good. It was great to see both new and experienced leaders step up as trainers. Our time ended with participants planning how they will implement what they have learned. We look forward to hearing these stories.  Here are some of the quotes from some of the participants: 

“Great Foundational Skills”


“Excellent learning environment, inspiring and opening to the grander picture. All the facilitators are excellent agitators!”


“I never understood how I could make a difference in my community before, but this training has made it seem more possible.


"Concrete descriptions of the cycles and organizing methodology were tremendously useful for me to be able, as a newcomer, to both understand and imagine what “organizing” is and what benefit it can bring to this community."


"Great immersion experience on building and growing community leadership and learned how to do it by actually doing it. The stories were rich, tears were shared and laughter frequently erupted. Our group was fully engaged the whole time."


"Here is an opportunity to learn about engaging existing groups to identify what is a priority for a community or demographic group Identify a group who is keen to make manageable change in our systems"


"How to make your life more meaningful. How to make a difference in your community. Step into the arena in your life risk involvement and it will take you toward what you are seeking."