Help us build a stronger Calgary


With your help, we will continue to build a just and compassionate Calgary. We are committed to raising $100,000 to ensure we can continue on our strong advocacy. That may sound like a great deal of money but it can be raised if people like you make a monthly gift. With just 1,000 people donating $10, $25 or $50 a month, this goal is achievable. A modest, regular gift can ensure that the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is able to continue its important work. In a world that is fixated on what we can’t do, we are focused on what is possible. 

Here are few of our recent success stories:

• Preserved $70M in City services to our most vulnerable populations with the #KeepCalgaryStrong Campaign.
• Advocated for the completion of the Green Line. The result was a 14-1 majority City Council vote in favour. This will create 20k jobs, eliminate 30k of GHG emissions per year and deliver better access to transit for all.
• Saved the low-income transit pass from being cut. This impacts 60,000 low-income Calgarians. • Developed positive working relationships with civic leaders.
• Participated in an Indigenous Elder-Led reconciliation process, unique in Canada.

A short one minute video of Our Board Chair Anna Greenwood Lee and Rev David Pickett talk about the importance of the campaign and how you can make a difference here:


New Possibilities with Your Support:

There is much work to be done beyond our five current campaigns. We need more resources and we believe our best resource is people power. Currently, we employ one full-time organizer. A second organizer could focus on:

• Expanding our member organizations.
• Making sure our diversity reflects our city.
• Connecting more effectively with the economically and socially marginalised.
• Strengthening our connections with more Indigenous partners.
• Training our membership and communities to counter racism.
• Increasing effective communications to keep our members dynamic during and after the pandemic.

How can I give?

A tax-deductible gift can be made through the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada. The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a member of the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada (IAFC). The IAFC unites similar broad-based community organizing alliance and supports their leadership development and research work. Donations can be made online through:  (Follow the link to Canada Helps and select The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Fund.)

Cheques can be made out to the Industrial Areas Foundation Canada, with CACG in the memo line and sent to:

Industrial Areas Foundation Canada
PO Box 20094 RPO Fairview
Vancouver BC, V5Z 0C1