Leader's Lunch: "Preserving Public Life"

During COVID19 our public life has come under attack, not from the pandemic, but from laws that have been passed during the pandemic that limit healthy, democratic public life. How does community organizing imagine and patriate in the democratic tradition? How do laws like Bill 1 and Bill 32, cuts to university funding, and the concentration of media, limit what has long been understood as essential to democracy. How do we respond? Let's have a conversation. 

Leaders Lunches are intended to build relationships between members of Calgary Alliance and leaders of CACG’s member institutions while creating meaningful dialogue about leadership and our shared public life. During COVID these will be hosted as online events.

October 07, 2020 at 12pm - 1:30pm
Carol Mumey Kent Hehr Elizabeth McLennan Shishir Shrestha Lisa Reinders Joey Stewart Christine Laing Aida Nciri Bob Hawkesworth Elizabeth Morton

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