Listening Campaign 2024

On May 3rd the Alliance launched a Listening Campaign, through which we aim to hear and understand the concerns of as many Calgarians as possible. The information gathered through this campaign will inform the issues we bring forward to the Discernment Assembly this fall, where we will choose the which campaigns/issues the Alliance will focus on next.

Each of our member institutions is conducting a listening campaign with their members through either a series of 1-1 meetings or house meetings. 

A key piece of this campaign is ensuring we hear from people directly. We definitely encourage all of our members to participate in your particular institutions' listening campaign, but we also recognize that not everyone will be able to attend those, and also that not everyone has a member institution in the Alliance.

While we wish we could have a 1-1 with each of you to hear your stories, concerns and understand where you would like to put your energy, our workaround is that we invite you to fill out a survey for us that will help gather that information. You are welcome to share the link with those you also want us to be listening to.

The information from this form, as well as all the listening campaigns being conducted by our member institutions, is instrumental in the discernment process our Alliance will go through as we prepare for our Discernment Assembly in September when we will choose the focus of our work for the next season. The Discernment Assembly will be held on Sunday September 16th from 7:00-9:00pm at Scarboro United Church-RSVP and plan to be there so we continue to hear what matters most to you. 

Photo of people sitting together to discuss issues