Mental Health and Addictions

Lack of support in the area of mental illness and addiction have been a growing concern for many years.  With the arrival of COVID-19 many experts are concerned about an 'echo pandemic' of mental health challenges.

Trauma-informed Practice: Creating a caring culture in all Public Services

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a member of the Trauma Informed Care Collective which has just released this Trauma Tool Kit to assist individuals and organizations in coping with the collective trauma of the pandemic.

In addition, this organiziation of 22 agencies in Calgary continues to work towards it's long term call on the provincial government to implement trauma-informed practices across all government agencies including schools.  Public service employees need to recognize the impact of trauma and how to respond appropriately. Front line workers are crucial to getting the right resources to people in need at the right time.  Learn more about Trauma-Informed Care.



Training resources can be found on our internal campaign page.



We would like to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of this work.