Why we listen in our democracy.

At the heart of our work as the Calgary Alliance is listening. By listening, we build relationships, find leaders and transform our personal and community's struggles into winnable public issues.

All of this happens through our listening campaign. Listening campaigns how we ensure that that issues that we take on together are rooted in the experiences and struggles of our members. When we listen we don’t just listen for issues. We look for where there is energy in our communities.

We also look for people who can step into leadership, in small or big ways. It is through our listening campaigns that we also knit our communities together. We are in a time where people have increasingly been isolated. Many people feel like like their struggles are not heard or worse just their own personal failures. When we listen together and share our stories what we discover is that our struggles are shared, our hearts become knit together, and we discover that we can act together.

In our conversations we create the foundation of a healthy democracy.



The first step of such a campaign is to learn together how to do this listening well.

This is especially important when we will be listening about such important and sensitive issues as the mental health, the environment and our city’s budget. So please join us for our listening campaign training. We will offer it twice March 1st and 17th at 7:00 pm.

This will be online and the link for these trainings can be found at: https://www.calgarycommongood.org/events