A Toolkit for Grief: Support for You and Your Community

Every person, and every community, has experienced some type of loss since the pandemic began in early 2020. Grief is a natural human experience that we may be feeling. This toolkit is to help us think, act, and change through our grief stories, making them meaningful to us and our communities.

(View the full toolkit online, along with its corresponding blog, at the CDLI's website.)

This toolkit was proudly developed collaboratively with a common vision to help our communities with resources and activities to move through our collective grief, and continue to be rooted in deep connection. We hope the following will be shared far and wide and used to whatever extent feels right. Thank you for taking the time to learn, reflect, and grow!

‘A Toolkit for Grief’ was developed by the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, Community Development Learning Initiative, and Community Health Promotion Services. We welcome you to connect with any feedback or questions:

Amanda Palmer
Lead, Community Development Learning Initiative
[email protected]

Paulina Gornicki and Stacey McRae-Arbuthnott
Community Health Promotion Services
Alberta Health Services
[email protected]

Jodi Lammiman
Abundant Communities Neighbourhood Organizer
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good


Thank you and make sure to check out our blog posts that dig deeper into the concepts you learn and showcase the amazing work being done in communities just like yours!