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Home & Yard Maintenance Resources for Calgary Seniors & Caregivers

As the weather gets warmer and the need for yard and lawn maintenance surfaces for Calgary seniors, we have created a Resource List for Home and Yard maintenance for Calgary Seniors. Check it out below or download a PDF version here.

Webinars & Resources from Trainings

Real Talk Guide: A Guide to Understanding & Talking About Domestic Abuse in Alberta

Resource from Webinar on Domestic Abuse in Alberta: June 2020


Trauma Informed Care: Recorded June 2020

Password to access: 8B$Q640e

Trauma Informed Care Power Point



Crisis Intervention: Recorded May 2020

Password to access:7w#u48.W

Verbal De-Escalation Power Point from Crisis Intervention Presentation.



Understanding Basic Income: Recorded May 2020

Password to access: 0F%*#%37



Grief during COVID - Understanding Our Reactions And Caring For Those Who Grieve: Recorded May 2020

Password to access: 4h%M%^Eo

Grief during Covid Power Point Presentation.

Block Captains: Building Neighborhood Teams: Recorded April 2020

Password to access: p8.5x?V5

More information about becoming a Neighborhood Block Captain can be found here.



Basic Mental Health Support: Recorded April 2020

Password to access: 7v.24B2A



We want to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of our mental health-related training.


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