Resources & Training

Below is a listing of resources, webinars and trainings offered by the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.

If you would like further details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].




Webinar: Coffee with a Candidate
Recorded May 2021 | Password: tifti%R8


Webinar: Meeting with Politicians
Recorded March 2021 | Password: TakeAction87!


Campaign Support:


Webinar: Core Teams and Best Practices
Recorded May 2021 | Password: *=qxZxF6


Webinar: Core Team Training: Responding to Covid Winter By Building Mental Health Resiliency
Recorded January 2021


Webinar: How to Use Social Media Effectively for Public Life
Recorded November 2020 


Webinar: Fundraising Training
Recorded October 2020 | Password: W24nV##b


Webinar: Core Team Training
Recorded September 2020 | Password: 8y5KkCJ=


Webinar: Understanding Basic Income
Recorded May 2020 | Password: 0F%*#%37


Mental Health and Resilient Communities:


Toolkit: A Toolkit for Grief
Published May 2021


Webinar: Walking with Grief: Love, Loss, and the Human Experience
Recorded May 2021 | Password: eF4i9+mm


Webinar: Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Recorded March 18 2021 | Password: HelpOthers33!


Webinar: Self-Care
Recorded February 2021 | Password: .WwGfr3q


Webinar: Spirituality, Self-Compassion, and Resilience in Coping with a Pandemic of Grief and Loss
Recorded November 2020 | Password: dKs0??nn


Webinar: Building Mental Health Resiliency
Recorded September 2020 | 
Password: [email protected]+&3G


Webinar: Real Talk Guide: A Guide to Understanding & Talking About Domestic Abuse in Alberta
Recorded June 2020


Webinar: Trauma Informed Care
Recorded June 2020 | Password: 8B$Q640e


Webinar: Grief during COVID - Understanding Our Reactions And Caring For Those Who Grieve
Recorded May 2020 | Password: 4h%M%^Eo


Webinar: Crisis Intervention
Recorded May 2020 | Password: 7w#u48.W


Webinar: Basic Mental Health Support
Recorded April 2020 | Password: 7v.24B2A



We want to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support of our mental health-related training.




Past Events:


2020 Fall Action Assembly
Recorded October 2020 | Password: RfhvV03= 


Assorted Print/PDF Resources:

Home & Yard Maintenance Resources for Calgary Seniors & Caregivers
We have created a resource list for home and yard maintenance for Calgary Seniors.

  • Download a PDF version here.