TAKE ACTION: Mental Health & Addictions

Today city council published its proposed Mental Health and Addiction Strategy [PDF], and it's going to council on Tuesday.

This strategy is years in the making. Work that we have done during the #KeepCalgaryStrong Campaign, ongoing engagement with the city, the city's listening session with our members and our mental health advocacy, has all helped shaped this strategy and get it this far.

The next step is this push over the finish line to get council's endorsement.


We ask you to contact the Mayor and your local councillor to support this strategy.

Please click on your councillor's email to begin sending an email.


Ward  Name Email
#1 Ward Sutherland  [email protected]
#2 Joe Magliocca [email protected]
#3 Jyoti Gondek [email protected]
#4 Sean Chu [email protected]
#5 George Chahal [email protected]
#6 Jeff Davison [email protected]
#7 Druh Farrell [email protected]
#8 Evan Woolley [email protected]
#9 Gian Carlo-Carra [email protected]
#10 Ray Jones [email protected]
#11 Jeromy Farkas [email protected]
#12 Shane Keating [email protected]
#13 Diane Colley-Urquhart [email protected]
#14 Peter Demong [email protected]
Mayor Naheed Nenshi [email protected]


Not sure who your local councillor is? Enter your address at this link and find your local representative.


Please write your own email, but if you would like an example to start from please see the below sample text.

My name is ______ and I am a constituent in your ward.

I am writing to ask you to support the passing of the City of Calgary’s Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. Mental health and addictions are a growing issue in our city—and support for Calgarians are needed now. 

This strategy will address some of the key ways to address mental health and addictions. By focusing on early intervention and prevention through the schools, addressing mental health in the workplace, strengthening natural supports and changing how we respond to mental health crises, we can create a more resilient city for all Calgarians.


The Strategy moves forward our agenda of early intervention and prevention through the school system. It includes our asks for changes on how we respond to crisis situations (ex: MRT and PACT team).

It emphasizes the need to strengthen natural supports and community resiliency, which has been an ongoing effort on our internal campaign as an Alliance.


The decision is coming to city council on Tuesday, March 16th.