July 4th, 2022 - Calgary Needs a Climate Strategy


July 4th, 2022



Event: Calgarians to gather on Tuesday, July 5th at 12:15 PM in support of Climate Strategy.


Calgary, AB - The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and the Calgary Climate Hub will be on the front steps of City Hall on Tuesday, July 5th to press for action on climate.

This is part of a multi-year strategy to press for more to be done as a city. Calgary has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from a strong approach to the climate crisis.

Council has signaled that it wants to seize this opportunity, starting with the November 2021 Climate Emergency declaration. The Community Development Committee passed the “Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050” on May 31, 2022 and Council will vote on the Climate Strategy on July 5th.



“When my kids and I go for walks in our nearby park, they ask, “Mom, what are we doing to keep this place nice?” My kids are worried about what climate change will do to this city that they love. Our choices today can be beneficial or harmful to the generations that follow us. Climate issues disproportionately impact the most vulnerable in our city.

“A Calgary climate strategy isn’t just about addressing the environmental emergency we face, it’s also about working towards a more just and healthy place for all of us. It is remembering our responsibility to the next generation.”

Dr. Beth Stovell
Spokesperson, Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

“Calgary’s emissions come from roughly ⅓ vehicles and ⅔ buildings. To achieve a net-zero Calgary, we need 100% clean electricity, including from ENMAX, and to transition from fossil burning vehicles and buildings to ones that run on clean electricity.

“In the civic election nine months ago, Calgarians voted clearly for climate action. We look forward to Calgary fulfilling this mandate through passing the Climate Strategy and properly funding it in the fall’s budget. This strategy is a start, but more must be done to bring about a net-zero Calgary.

“Extremes like a more active polar vortex, heat dome, and increasingly annual wildfires are direct threats to Calgarians and our way of life. We need to make sure our city is ready to protect Calgarians from a variety of climate related extremes.”

Rob Tremblay
Co-Chair, Calgary Climate Hub

"We are at a time where the shift to a sustainable economy is critical if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change and ensure social inclusiveness. Calgarians made it clear in the last municipal election that we have a shared responsibility for environmental stewardship and that our city can lead the country through the climate crisis."

Renée Kirby, Climate Organizer,
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good



Media Contacts:

Dr. Beth Stovell, Spokesperson
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good
EMAIL:  [email protected]

Rob Tremblay, Co-Chair,
Calgary Climate Hub
EMAIL: [email protected]

Renée Kirby, Climate Organizer,
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good
EMAIL: [email protected]
CELL: (403) 466-6885

Ryan Andersen, Lead Organizer,
Calgary Alliance for the Common Good
EMAIL: [email protected]
CELL: (403) 993-7123



About the Calgary Climate Hub:

The Calgary Climate Hub is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that unites a diverse group of Calgarians committed to working together to support meaningful local action on climate change. We represent a variety of communities, industries, cultures and causes. We believe that a broad and diverse range of Calgarians and organizations need to be engaged on the climate crisis to develop impactful solutions that fit our unique political and economic circumstances.

Learn more: https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/about


About the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good:

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of congregations, unions, school and community groups in Calgary representing more than 35,000 people. These organizations came together to form the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good in order to organize the power of our communities to shape a just and compassionate city.

Learn more: https://www.calgarycommongood.org/about_us