Help Save the Green Line Transit Project

Update: The Government of Alberta shared on July 7th, 2021 that it has approved the City of Calgary's business case for the Green Line LRT. Learn more here.


Please send an email below THIS WEEK to help us bombard the Premier, Minister McIver and Calgary MLAs with messages of support for the Green Line. It is critical that they get overwhelmed with emails in the next 10 days so that they will release the promised $1.5 billion in provincial Green Line funding - funding that will then be matched by $1.5 billion in federal money. No money flows till the province releases their funds.

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Urgent - We Need Your Help to Get those 20,000 Green Line Transit Jobs in Calgary Going Now. Check out Green Line Benefits.


Take Action 

Send an Email: Please take a moment this week and email Premier Kenney, Minister McIver and your Calgary MLAs (be sure to state that you are a member of riding x). We need to put pressure on them now to get the south segment of the Green Line out for tender without further delay. There is a sample text below that you can please edit to personalize. A personal letter from you has far greater effect than a form letter.

Send your email to:

Not sure about your Calgary MLA and how to email them?: Click Here to Find Who Your MLA Is.



Sample Text

Dear Premier Kenney, Minister McIver, and my Calgary MLA,

We call on the UCP to support the approved Green Line Stage 1 alignment from 16 Avenue North to Shepard in the Southeast. The UCP came to power promising jobs - and this is a clear opportunity to deliver.

The business case is on the Premier's desk and the technical people have confidence in the project - we now need you to act and approve the business case.

Calgary desperately needs the 20,000 jobs that this project will create, plus the 30,000t of GHG emission reduction that this line will bring and the vital and promised transportation link to north central Calgary. We need the UCP to step up for Calgarians. Fourteen out of fifteen on Calgary City Council approved this Green Line in June 2020. Let's get the Segment 1 work out for tender now , so that we have a chance of getting these transit construction jobs going in 2022. This is a chance for the UCP to do great things for our city; Calgary families need those jobs NOW.

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