Greenline Victory!

The Green Line, as announced by Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this afternoon, is a go.

A news release from the Government of Alberta today also confirmed that the province has reviewed the City of Calgary's business case for the Green Line - and approved it.

That means all three levels of government are onboard the Green Line and, in the fall, construction in the Beltline begins.


It took advocates from across Calgary to make this happen.

Of note, the team at LRT on the Green (with Jeff Binks), our Environment Research Action Team (with co-chairs Lisa and Christine), Calgary Unitarian's President Jane Ebbern, and every person who spoke out (emailing, calling their local representative) and showed up (to council, at meetings and with our MLA campaign).

Although this announcement has been made - our job isn't done.  Remaining questions exist for this project and the pressure has to continue.

These are:

  • Going North: Having the line go north of the river to connect to the underserved communities in north-central Calgary must continue being a priority.
  • Service Levels: Restoring transit service levels, so that every Calgarian is able to use Calgary Transit  conveniently and safely.
  • Staffing Levels: Bringing back Calgary Transit staff that were let go during the pandemic.
  • The Municipal Election: We must ensure that the city's commitment to the project remains firm through our coffee with the candidate campaign.