Workshop: A Compassionate Comeback

As we make plans to re-gather and return to a less isolated time, is your organization ready to support your community members?  Can we go forward and leave no one behind?

Compassion is more than a human emotion or feeling but rather a transformational process of noticing and responding to suffering. Drawing upon emerging research in compassion science, Daranne Harris, a Calgary-based compassion researcher and founder of Catalyzing Compassion, will offer insight and practical tools about how compassion can be a tool for community-building that recognizes different experiences and opinions in this time of re-gathering. 

Through presentation and small group discussion, participants will learn about the construct of compassion, how it is different from sympathy and empathy, and how to strengthen one’s compassion for others.  Core teams will contextualize the practice of compassion through sharing their personal experience and building practical application skills.  The event is an excellent opportunity for core teams to contextualize the practice of compassion within their organization’s context.

September 08, 2021 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Zoom (Online)

Will you come?