The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good has various leadership structures that help guide our direction.

These include:

  • Delegate Assembly — Consisting of voting delegates from each member institution in the Alliance, this group sets the direction for CACG’s organizing work.
  • Strategy/Leadership Team — An active committee of the Delegate Assembly that provides leadership and guidance between gatherings.
  • Research Action Teams — These groups guide our issue work. Civic leaders from across our member institutions research an issue, collaborate with experts in the field, and thenby focusing and planning a concrete and winnable campaign—organize to create an impact on that issue. Research Action Teams also ratify these campaigns with the Delegate Assembly.
  • Board of Directors — Our board provides the financial, legal and governance oversight for the organization.

Board Members:

President / Co-Chair  Rev. Philip Holck — Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Vice President Bruce Payne — UBCJA 2103
Treasurer Pam Rickey
Secretary Christine Laing
Director Rev. David Pickett — Christ Church Anglican
Director Neil McKinnon — ATU 583
Director Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet — Calgary Eritreans


 Lead Organizer / Executive Director:

Lead Organizer / Executive Director  Ryan Andersen