Green Line Victory

We did it! On Tuesday evening, Calgary City Council approved the Green Line! This approval is an incredible victory for both ordinary Calgarians and for the Calgary Alliance! Thank you to our members, who successfully fought for the Green Line by writing letters, making phone calls, tweeting, speaking at Council and coming to the rally. You made a difference! Through this campaign, you fought for a city that looks after ALL its citizens, one that believes in helping our vulnerable get to their place of work, families take their children to school and recreational facilities, and seniors remain mobile, all while reducing Green House Gas Emissions, creating jobs and diversifying our economy! We are so grateful for each and every effort in support of this campaign and particularly want to thank Christine Laing & Aïda Nciri and the Calgary Climate Hub for their work and partnership on this project!

"Today, we are celebrating that despite a concerted effort by a small group of elites to derail it, this project is going ahead. It will bring 3 billion dollars of stimulus money and 20, 000 jobs to our city. It will help Calgarians get to their places of work, help families take their children to school and recreational facilities, and help our seniors remain mobile" "The idea that this was 'a bridge too far' or a 'Green Line to nowhere' was insulting to the thousands of Calgarians who live and work in the neighborhoods the line will serve. The 16th Ave station is slated to be the third busiest station in Calgary as soon as it opens."  

-Bruce Payne, Vice President of the Alliance and Business Agent for the Alberta Carpenters (Local 2010), Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Member

"The goal of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is to create a more just and compassionate Calgary. Transit is a life-line for a huge number of people in our City and is something the Alliance will always speak up for. In the Fall we mobilized our members and saved the low-income transit pass. This time we were part of getting the Green Line built. We will continue our work of bringing the voices of ordinary Calgarians to City Hall."  

-The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, Chair of Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

To read more about the Green Line Success and our victory, please see the article below:

We could not have been successful without the continued efforts of our members and membership organizations. With one voice you rose to advocate for our city’s vulnerable populations, the environment, and our economy. Thank you for your hard work!