Greenline Action

Here is some of our news coverage on our Green Line Action.

  • “There’s $3 billion from the feds and the province for this project, and that money will go away if we don’t go ahead with this project,” says Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. (CTV News)
  • CTV news last night at 5 pm we are on briefly 8 minutes in - Link
  • CTV news last night at 6 pm we are on briefly at about minute 23 - Link
  • CBC news last night – 10:44 - Link

Calgary Sprawl

"We also have all sorts of people in Calgary for whom driving is not an option. I have a member of my congregation who's blind, and so he sort of laughs when people talk about “how does cutting transit impact you.” He's like, "Well, how else am I going to get around? Right? I can't ride a bike, right? I can't drive." So much of our community that lives with disabilities of one kind or another, transit is their lifeline to get out and about."


  • "For a better city, let's get going on the Green Line." - Link
  • On Monday morning, a group of advocates from the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good gathered outside city hall to show their support for the Green Line. (Calgary Herald)