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"Calgary skyline to be lit Orange on Canada Day."

“So having a safe space in Mohkínstsis, in Calgary, where we’re able to pray and be with our elders and with our community in a safe way,” community organizer Tapisa Kilabuk said. “Collectively, we are in this all together, and it’s important to have non-Indigenous folks be a part of this process as it’s their community too.”

  • "Calgary skyline to be lit orange on July 1 amid calls to cancel Canada Day celebrations" - Link
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"Groundhog Day On The Green Line."

Jane Ebbern represented the Calgary Alliance at a council meeting this spring that focused on the Green Line LRT project. She was featured on local news website Sprawl Alberta. Her comments are below.

JANE EBBERN: I'm here to speak on behalf of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, which brings together 31 organizations that represent approximately 36,000 Calgarians. Together we organize the power of our communities to shape a just and compassionate Calgary.

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Opinion: Calgary police need to expand the Indigenous liaison program

In November of 2020, one of our Indigenous Organizers wrote an opinion editorial through the Calgary Herald. You can view it here.

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Calgary non-profit pushing CPS to increase Indigenous liaison officers

In the Calgary Herald, one of our Indigenous Organizers was interviewed with the Calgary Herald in our ongoing work advocating to expand the Calgary Police Service's community policing initiatives. You can read the article here.

Longtime advocate Suzanne Karhiio Dzus is urging the Calgary police force to expand its community policing initiatives with Indigenous residents as a meaningful step towards reconciliation.

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Calgary's City Budget Needs Climate Action

The Calgary Herald recently published an opinion piece that was co-written by the Calgary Alliance, the Calgary Climate Hub and Arusha Centre. It focuses on the need to integrate climate into the city's budget.

The article can be found here.


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Green Line

Is the Green Line project back on track?

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good believes council is playing politics and ignoring the transit needs of those in north Calgary.

It said any project failing to cross the Bow River would be yet another way people in the under-served north get short-changed.

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Greenline Action

Here is some of our news coverage on our Green Line Action.

  • “There’s $3 billion from the feds and the province for this project, and that money will go away if we don’t go ahead with this project,” says Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. (CTV News)
  • CTV news last night at 5 pm we are on briefly 8 minutes in - Link
  • CTV news last night at 6 pm we are on briefly at about minute 23 - Link
  • CBC news last night – 10:44 - Link

Calgary Sprawl

"We also have all sorts of people in Calgary for whom driving is not an option. I have a member of my congregation who's blind, and so he sort of laughs when people talk about “how does cutting transit impact you.” He's like, "Well, how else am I going to get around? Right? I can't ride a bike, right? I can't drive." So much of our community that lives with disabilities of one kind or another, transit is their lifeline to get out and about."


  • "For a better city, let's get going on the Green Line." - Link
  • On Monday morning, a group of advocates from the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good gathered outside city hall to show their support for the Green Line. (Calgary Herald)
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Councillors propose scaled back version of Green Line

“I know a woman who lives in the NE and works at a care home in the south. She has to go bus, train, bus, bus and then back again,” said Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. “That’s a ridiculous commute and we need to think carefully how we get people from one side of our city to the other.”  

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