Grief During COVID19

There is much to grieve during COVID19. Many have died, both from COVID19 and other causes. Many of us have lost jobs, freedom, plans, and human connection. The natural human response is to grieve.  How do we understand how grief impacts us? How do we care for those who grieve? How do we mark losses when we cannot gather for funerals? 

This webinar will focus on how we can understand grief and its impacts. How do we care for those who grieve? What wisdom and practices do our different traditions give us. 

Guest Speaker Include

Brian Pickering - Retired Grief Counselor with Alberta Health Services Grief Support Program

Rev David Robertson - Who pastored his community though the Flood in Highriver

Rabbi Mark Glickman - Rabbi of Temple B'nai Tickvah

May 14, 2020 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Zoom - A link will be sent when you register
Ju-Han Chen Sheilagh Ross Brandy Yalte Elizabeth Tweedale C Simonson Michelle Milne Diane Paley Ernest Jassmann Ian Burgess carol woods Marion Boyd Juhan Chen Leslie Giacomelli John Balfour Paul Gray Amy Spark Doris Listoe Judith Dunlop Mona Mork Sue spicer Karen Rasula Charmaine Ross Jocelyn Clayards Lois Reid Robson Yuen Deborah Roth Grace Chiu Heather Taxbock Maureen Johnson Diane Hutton Pearl Franz Sr. Ger Curran Carrie Edwards Maria Lau Amanda Caldwell K D Erik Freiburger Nina Keefer Mahmut Sagban Dick Bergman Kati Hatch Sonia Mariani Barb Kennedy Elizabeth Short Mardy Roberts Karol Gouschuk John Seaborn Robin Kidd

Will you come?