Housing Affordability Task Force Recommendations Pass | 12-3!



We are proud to share with you that city council passed the Housing Affordability Task Force recommendations over the weekend in an emergency meeting.

And the recommendations passed with a resounding 12-3 vote, well beyond expectations and sending a clear message that this council is moving forward on making substantive changes in our city's rules and procedures to create more housing.

The recommendation on alterations to zoning also survived, meaning that council will move forward with exploring changes to zoning so that we can build communities that are multi-generational and that thrive. The discussions on some of the more controversial policies, such as a discussion on rent controls, changes or reductions to parking minimums, and other items, also survived the amendment process.

What's Next?: Now councillors, administration and our civil servants will work together towards building several packages of proposals, and will return to council with those changes to bylaws, administrative procedures and new modes of including Calgarians into new housing in their communities. Please stay tuned and subscribed to our newsletter as we track these policies at council.



Several hundred members of the community participated – showing up at the rally on Thursday afternoon, delivering over 160 presentations to council over two days and forwarding hundreds of emails to our public representatives. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

Action: If you can, please send a note to your local representative thanking them for their participation in the process, and encouraging them to keep moving forward towards a more affordable, compassionate and just city. (We have a list of their emails on our microsite, located here.)

This is important because, not only was this a necessary victory... it is also the first step amongst many to ensure that our city is a just and compassionate place, for all Calgarians.

Ongoing pressure is required as these recommendations and their acceptance are just that: recommendations that have been accepted by council. The next few months and years will prove if they take housing affordability seriously or not.



Our rally last Thursday was led by a broad, cross-section of Calgarians. If you're willing, please consider giving these other organizations a follow and a like on their social platforms to stay connected with them.



Instrumental to the effort was also one of our member institutions, the Calgary Climate Hub, who hosted trainings, spoke to council and elevated the debate for affordable housing. They're also kickstarting their fall fundraising drive, which you can learn about here.

Also, you probably saw ActionDignity and their delegation of over 40 community leaders that came to the rally, and supported the speaker representing the Calgary Alliance, Mario Ayudo, who shared stories of folks in the South Sudanese community in this housing crisis. Consider giving their team a follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Thank you to Jocelyn Keith-Asante for representing the Calgary Alliance in chambers after the rally, and highlighting the need to be anti-racist and move forward on these housing recommendations. She is also a proud member of the Calgary Unitarians and the Truth and Reconciliation Research Action Team.