It's time. Change the name of Langevin School.

Update: Langevin School has been renamed Riverside School. Read more here.


We are asking for your support in changing the name of a school in Calgary.

Langevin School is named after Hector-Louis Langevin. Langevin was instrumental in promoting and implementing Residential Schools across what we call Canada. The Residential School system was designed with the explicit purpose of assimilating Indigenous Peoples into Western society.

Through coercion, Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and imprisoned in these "schools." Indigenous children were abused in unimaginable ways and the effects of these atrocities are still felt in Indigenous families and communities.

The environment of the schools should be a place in which all students, families, and staff feel safe, heard and welcome.

Langevin is a rejection of these values. Please take action, with the options below, to advocate for taking Langevin's name off of this educational institution.


Please take action:

  • Write your Trustee: write an email of support to the School Board of Trustees at [email protected].
  • Sign a Petition: Please support the petition started by the Change Langevin School Group and share it with your network - Petition (*Note: Please note that clicking this petition that you consent you giving your information to and any donations given through their website is given to
  • Share: Share this graphic on social media. Use the hashtag #RenameLangevinSchool.
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If you would like to learn more please contact Tapisa Kilabuk, Community Organizer - [email protected]