Launching our 2023 Fundraising Campaign

Now, more than ever, you are needed.

Launching our 2023 fundraising campaign

More than ever, our city and province needs people who can work across our difference for the common good.

Today we are launching our fundraising campaign. And we need your help. We are asking people to consider setting up of monthly contribution or making a one-time contribution to support our ongoing efforts.

Recently we have heard stories about the impact that our work together has had. One leader told me how our campaign to have the City’s Mental Health strategy passed, has resulted in funding that has enabled them to use sports to talk with youth about mental health and to work with moms to build family mental wellness.

Another person told me about how vital the low-income transit pass is to their clients and how with the rising cost of living, their clients rely on it to get to their appointments and around the city. In my own life, when my children have expressed their despair at the older generations not taking action to address climate change, I point them toward the work we have done to have our city pass and fund its climate strategy.

I myself have seen their despair shift to hope.

At the annual leaders retreat, our leaders gathered and reviewed our impact on our city and province. We were amazed to see that the approximate value of the social impact we have had now totals over $5.4 billion dollars. This is the power of citizens working together for the common good, with our actions over the last four years since our founding assembly creating tangible, substantive change for our community.

It hasn’t always been easy. But, together, we can continue to rally to create a city that we can be proud to pass on to the next generation, that includes all races, creeds and backgrounds, and marshall our collective power to press for a better world. And to do that, we need your support.




Please consider joining us in setting up a tax-deductible monthly donation or you can make a one-time donation by visiting our website (at and clicking on the donate button. Or you can send a cheque with a designation for the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good to

Industrial Areas Foundation Canada
PO Box 20094 RPO Fairview
Vancouver BC
V5Z 0C1

The Industrial Areas Foundations Canada (IAFC) is the charitable organization that unites alliances in Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver. Donations made through IAFC are tax-deductible, and if you select the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Fund, they are used to support our education of community leaders and research into how to solve pressing problems here in Calgary.

Amplify our voice shared voice for the common good
In a time of division. We gather across differences.
In a time in need of hope. We develop leaders
In a time of need. . . We act together for the common good.

Sincerely yours,
Ryan Andersen
Lead Organizer


Ryan Andersen
Lead Organizer