Neighbourhood Teams

COVID-19 has shown how we are interconnected. More then ever we need to look out for and care for each other. What can you do?

Become a block captain and organize your block to support each other. It's Easy


1. Register - That way we can support you and connect you with other teams - Click here to register

2. Choose the territory you want to include. Your block, your floor, your building? Then drop off a note to your neighbours - what is important is to not just ask "who needs help?" but to invite people to help others by being a part of your team. 

                        Here are some sample notes you can use or modify: PDF ,  Word or with graphics.

3. Meet virtually with anyone who volunteers to be a part of your team. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook or WhatsApp are all good options. 

4. When you meet, map out who may be vulnerable, who needs help and think about how to connect people. Also, map out who can contribute as well as other activities or groups in your community. 

                       An example of a community map can be found here

5. Make a plan and carry it out. 

6. Set up a time to check-in. 

7. If you are hearing issues or pressures that are impacting people please share this with us by: 

          a) Filling out the google form that can be found by clicking here

          b) or download the word document that can be found here and send it to [email protected].

Training Resources

You can find our webinar on neighborhood teams by clicking here    The password is p8.5x?V5

Additional Information

  • Remember to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while building these community connections. Information on this can be found by clicking here.
  • We will have regular zoom webinars to support these neighbourhood groups that will focus on things like accessing supports, offering basic mental health support, dealing with grief, self-care, and the bigger social issues affecting us all etc. To learn about these, register as a block captain or go to our events page
  • If you want to learn about the supports and programs that are are available Action Dignity is keeping an updated list and it can be found by clicking here.  Momentum has developed helplines to navigate financial and business supports. Numbers for these help lines can be found by clicking here
  • The City of Calgary has created a webpage that has a variety of resources on how neighbours can help neighbours. This website can be found at: