Re-Organizing our Shared Alliance

Every act of organizing is reorganizing. Five years after engaging with our communities since our founding assembly, and uplifting the issues that affect all Calgarians, we're working together from our different faiths, organizations, movements and teams to bring together a focused conversation on what's next.

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a shared organization: one that brings leaders and organizations together, under a common banner, to highlight and press for substantive change in our communities. And part of this process is taking moments to reflect and rest and to re-orient to the needs of those communities. It is a time when we focus on asking who needs to be working together, finding those new leaders, developing our leaders and listening.

Through this ongoing campaign:

  • Rest as Radical Action: We're taking a step to highlight the need for rest (which you can review some podcasts and reading materials we've shared from our Strategy Team, located on our shared microsite, here),
  • Power Analysis: Our team of leaders is working through a systemic, city-wide review of how our city works, or sometimes doesn't work, to gather information and possible actions to impact our communities for the better, and,
  • Building Relationships: Conscious conversations between each other to deepen our connection to our own networks and communities, so that when we take action, we bring along our entire neighbourhood and bring to bear the power of our shared alliance.

Through the above three actions, we're hosting conversations, one-on-one and in groups, on what the pressing issues that are impacting Calgarians and the shared mission of imagining the city we want to become.

If any of the above is of interest to you or your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team members. You can send a quick note over to our email inbox, sign up for our regular Monday newsletter, and give a glance at some of the conversations taking place on our internal bulletin board.