Take Action: Help Create the Indigenous Gathering Place

There are over 500 places in Calgary devoted to cultures and spirituality and not one is specifically intended for Indigenous peoples. The Indigenous peoples have been asking for an Indigenous Gathering Place for over 5 years. Such a place matters not only to Indigenous peoples, but to all Calgarians as a space to learn and as a commitment to truth and reconciliation in action.


Take Action


We ask you to join with us and write to our Mayor and City Councillors to encourage them to vote “yes” to the motion for an Indigenous Gathering Place Land Transfer on Feb 15. This is an opportunity to act towards healing and reconciliation, as well as establish a place for community.

For many years, the Indigenous Gathering Place Society has worked to create a place designed by and built for all Nations, where ceremonies, commemorations, cultural teachings and education can take place, indoors and on the land.

Creating an Indigenous Gathering Place is not only a value to Indigenous peoples, but also to non-Indigenous peoples. In this space, all peoples can learn from the cultural teachings of the Indigenous peoples and work towards truth and reconciliation in action. To learn more about the value of the Indigenous Gathering place, see this article:

Recent years have shown us the dark side of Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples. We remember the bodies of the 250 Indigenous children found at a Kamloops residential school and the subsequent bodies of over 1000 Indigenous children found at other schools across the country. The lack of a gathering place for Indigenous peoples is rooted in the same system that created and maintained these schools. Voting for this motion moves all of us forward along in the way of truth and reconciliation.

Please join with us in asking our Mayor and City Councilors to vote “yes” for this motion for an Indigenous Gathering Place Land Transfer on Feb 15.


Take Action