"Calgary city council to debate $87B climate strategy"

Members of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and the Calgary Climate Hub will be outside city hall Tuesday afternoon to show their support for Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050.

"When my kids and I go for walks in our nearby park, they ask, 'Mom, what are we doing to keep this place nice?' My kids are worried about what climate change will do to this city that they love. Our choices today can be beneficial or harmful to the generations that follow us. Climate issues disproportionately impact the most vulnerable in our city," said Dr. Beth Stovell, a spokesperson for Calgary Alliance for the Common Good.


"A Calgary climate strategy isn't just about addressing the environmental emergency we face. It's also about working towards a more just and healthy place for all of us. It is remembering our responsibility to the next generation."

Tuesday's rally is scheduled to begin shortly after noon on the front steps of city hall.