Leadership Training

Throughout the year the Calgary Alliance offers trainings. The work of the Calgary Alliance flows directly from a commitment to the values embodied in our democratic political traditions. From these roots, the Alliance nurtures the growth of varied organizations and relationships that equip families and communities to participate with power in the public decisions that impact their lives.

We seek to serve as a university of public life teaching, forming, and connecting leaders from institutions to impact their local communities for positive change. The measure of our shared success is the extent to which its organizations contribute to human flourishing in communities where human development is often devalued and human dignity trampled. These successes, when they occur, take the form of imaginative responses to seemingly intractable problems, new relationships overcoming racial, religious and socio-economic divisions and immediate, concrete victories that change communities for the better and inspire hope in the future.

As a team and network, we invest heavily in the identification, training and connecting of leaders whose capacities and skills may be further developed with careful mentoring and challenge. Below are some examples of the training we offer in collaboration with our members and leaders.



Community Organizing Leadership Training




Foundations Training

- Provides an introduction to the core perspective and practices of community organizing on which the Calgary Alliance is built.

- For leaders, members, staff and any anyone who is interested in being involved in the Alliance work.

- Topics include community organizing, relational leadership, strengthening our organizations, using relational power.

- Free for members

- Timing: Fall, Spring and Summer

Regional Training/
National Training

Through our affiliation with the IAF and the IAF Northwest we are able to offer advanced training that provides in-depth experience with the organizing practices and principles developed over 75 years by IAF member organizations.

The IAF Northwest hosts a six-day Regional Training at least once per year.   The location rotates through the Northwest region. The IAF hosts a seven-day National Training once per year.  The location rotates nationally, usually between Chicago and LA.

- Foundations training and an endorsement by a member organization is a prerequisite.

- $800-1200 plus transportation

- Timing: typically occurs in July each year

Core Team Training

- Focuses on how to engage one’s organization in the work of the Alliance and how to apply the skills of organizing to strengthen one’s organization or community.

- Offered in a workshop format 3-4 times a year.

- Intended for those who are a part of or who are building a core team in their community or institution.

- Free for members

- Timing: Typically 4 to 6 times a year

Leader’s Lunch

- Regular gatherings of leaders connected to the Alliance.

- Focuses on building relationships between the leaders and shared conversation about issues facing our community, along with how we can strengthen our leadership.

- $15 to cover the cost of lunch

- Timing: typically held 4 times a year



Specialty Training Modules




Listening Campaign Training

- Focuses on the skills needed for carrying out an institutional and Alliance-wide listening campaign.

- Teaches skills for house meetings,  1-1 listening, and discernment

- Free for members


Research Action Team Training 

- Focuses on the research action team process.

- Teaches power analysis, research action visits, campaign planning, and action planning.

- Free for members


Meeting with an Elected Official

- Focuses on how to engage and build constructive relationships with elected officials.


Organizing for Congregational Renewal 

- Focuses on how to apply community organizing in a congregational context.

- Teaches relational meetings, community mapping,  the organizing cycle, how to have productive meetings, and theological roots of organizing. 

Community Organizing and Fundraising

This training teaches how the practice and skills of community organizing can be used to organize money - so that our local institutions and our shared Alliance can have an impact for our common good. 




Some of these trainings are recorded and available to be viewed later. Please review the Resources & Training page for further details and view our events page for future trainings.

If you have any questions with regards to these trainings, email [email protected].