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Potential Talking points below:

  • The COVID19 Pandemic has demonstrated:
    •  Existing federal programs such as Employment Insurance, the Canada Child Benefit, and the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors have their limitations.
    • Many Essential workers are part-time, poorly paid workers struggling to support their families. Many of these frontline workers are making less than the CERB would pay them but they are risking their health and the lives of their families to ensure we have the necessities to enable us to physically isolate ourselves at this time.
    • The program cost for Basic Income is estimated at $23 billion in contrast to the $152.7 billion already spent by the Federal Government on direct support during COVID19.
  • Health Benefits include:
    • The ability to purchase healthier food reduces our health care costs. 
    • Reduction in poverty stress improves mental health for entire families.
    • The stability of income produces a reduction in alchohol and drug abuse  
  • Transformational response to homelessness in Canada while saving taxpayer money. 
  • Provides financial stability to return to school, find better jobs and plan for an individuals future.     


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