Delegates Assembly May 2020

Over the past year, the Research Action Teams have worked to understand the key community issues identified from last year’s listening campaign and to prepare recommendations for the Assembly being held on May 25th. In addition, COVID-19 uncovered several issues that impact our most vulnerable populations.

On May 25th we invite you to attend the online Delegates Assembly where these issues will be presented and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. We will use breakout rooms so each organization has a private space to discuss the issues. Then, we will reassemble as a full group where each organization will have one vote.  Visitors are welcome to come and participate but will not be able to vote.

Issues before the Assemby provides an overview of each issue. 

The website also contains expanded information on Turning the Tide in One Generation, Trauma-Informed Care, Mobile Response team, and Basic Income.

May 25, 2020 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Ryan Andersen · · (403)993-7123
Mahmut Elbasi Bill Ogilvie Magdalena Muir Kent Hehr Barb Kennedy Sasha Craven Lisa Reinders Peter McPherson Pierann Moon Chris Mah Poy Wade Wiley-Ross Monica Paul Arianna Tenor Joy Gregory Alan Frank Marcia Gervais Janice Nelson John Pentland John Griffith Archie Wells Susan Carr Brandon Witwer Geraldine Hysert Erin Klassen Elizabeth Rodier Patricia Jean Phil Holck Elizabeth McLennan Maureen Johnson Linda Miller Pamela Rickey Joan Lawrence Sharon Woodhouse Jill Newman Carol Hollywood Alison Longson Maria Lau David Holmes David Pickett Debi Andrus Ellen Lang Mary Teresa Caughlin Pamela Scott Claire HIll Amy Shantz Jeannette Carlson Tony Snow Karen Kavanagh

Will you come?