Past Campaigns & Victories

Passing the Mental Health Strategy

We took action by asking our city councillors to pass the city's Mental Health strategy. In March of 2021, the strategy passed at council and will begin to be implemented across the city. This programming was threatened with cuts in July of 2019. We took action then, too, to stop those cuts to the most vulnerable in our city.

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Green Line Victory

On June 16, 2020 Calgary City Council approved the Green Line! This approval is an incredible victory for both ordinary Calgarians and for the Calgary Alliance! Our members successfully fought for the Green Line by writing letters, making phone calls, tweeting, speaking at Council and coming to socially distant rallies.

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When the City of Calgary announced $60 million - $120 million over a year - in cuts to services, The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good launched the #KeepCalgaryStrong campaign and invited others to join in. Together we got a reaction that preserved many essential services for Calgarians, especially those who are most vulnerable. 

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Increasing Income Supports

Our leaders asked the provincial government to increase social supports for low-income Albertans. Then in November 2018, we heard the good news that these supports will be raised and indexed to inflation.


Elder Led Reconcilation

Relationships formed through the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good resulted in the creation of an Elder-led reconciliation process. In this process, 17 Christian leaders are meeting monthly with elders, following a process of trust and relationship-building designed by the Elders.

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Creation of Calgary’s Interfaith Council

Leaders from our Alliance recognized that there was a need for faith communities to come together to address poverty in our city, engage in dialogue and overcome our divisions. In response, they created Calgary's Interfaith Council which went on to win the King Abdullah II UN World Interfaith Harmony Week prize.

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Mental Health Training After Calgary’s 2013 Flood

After Calgary’s 2013 flood. The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good partnered with Alberta Health Services to provide mental health first aid training for community leaders so that they could be better equipped to support people dealing with the long-term mental health challenges that the flood created. This training was then offered in other communities in Alberta.

Creation of Enough for All - Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Initiative

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good worked with the City of Calgary, the United Way, and other community organizations to create Calgary's Poverty Reduction Initiative. The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good continues to be a partner in the implementation of this strategy.