Ten Years of Advocacy (Graphic)

From holding politicians accountable, building on the advocacy of our members and so much more, it has been *ten years* of working hard to advocate for a better city for all Calgarians.

Check out our timeline graphic below to get caught up on our work:

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Launching our 2023 Fundraising Campaign

Now, more than ever, you are needed.

Launching our 2023 fundraising campaign

More than ever, our city and province needs people who can work across our difference for the common good.

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Tipi Harvesting

We're partnering with Indigenous leaders this June to participate in a tradition: tipi harvesting. Located near Castle Falls, Alberta, there is a free cultural workshop on June 25th. The team will be meeting up at 8:30 AM in Piuncher Creek, then an introduction to harvestinng tipi poles, and then a chat with an Elder.

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Media Coverage

"Debate over $87B City of Calgary climate strategy postponed until July"

Others in attendance were less concerned with the postponement and have their sights set on budget deliberations later this year when city council will set the financial plan for the city for the next four years.

“All of the hard work and hard decisions are going to be made in the budget process,” said Christine Laing with the Calgary Alliance for Common Good. “You need hard rules, you need hard money and those come with really hard decisions about where you put resources and how you allocate them.

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"City council punts climate strategy debate to early July"

The deferral did not dampen the spirits of a group of citizens gathered outside city hall to show support for the strategy.

Organized by the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, the peaceful demonstration featured citizens wearing green scarves and arm bands.

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"Calgary climate strategy put off for one month"

Members of the Calgary Climate Hub and Calgary Alliance for the Common Good gathered at City Hall to provide input for the climate strategy debate on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Council voted 10-5 to postpone the debate until July.


Angela McIntyre with the Calgary Climate Hub said she didn’t think the postponement was that big of a deal.

“We are disappointed that they’re not actually going to put it for the climate strategy for today, but we’re all here in support of it,” said McIntyre.

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