Take Action at City Hall

Join us on Tuesday, November 22nd, at noon, as we take action on Calgary's Municipal Budget. We'll be gathering just outside council chambers and entering council for 1:00 PM, where we'll showing that not only are Calgarians paying attention, but demanding better for our city.

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You're Invited: Action Assembly 2022

Every four years, councillors sit down with the mayor and work on a budget that’ll guide the city’s finances. Between now and 2026, the fiscal direction of our city will be largely set, determining the fates of many programs, infrastructure and how we choose to shape our city, with only minimal changes each year in between.

This is a pivotal point in our city’s history and a moment that requires your attention. We have choices ahead of us as a community.



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Media Coverage

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"'A cleaner future': Climate strategy on the agenda for council"

The strategy is an attempt to consolidate the city’s many policies that fall under the climate umbrella.


The planned debate drew about 50 people from the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good over the lunch hour. All wore green scarves to symbolize their concern for the environment, and their support for the city’s climate strategy.


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"Sprawlcast: Inside Calgary’s New Climate Strategy"

KLASZUS: After hearing Tony Snow speak at council that day, I sat down with him to find out more about the intersection of climate action and reconciliation.


KLASZUS: Thanks for making the time. At the public hearing for the climate strategy, you've talked a bit about how this climate strategy and the goals of it are intertwined with reconciliation. And I'm curious, how do you see those as intertwined?

SNOW: I think for me, they're intertwined because of the treaty. And as a descendant of the signers of Treaty number 7... Read more

"Debate over $87B City of Calgary climate strategy postponed until July"

Others in attendance were less concerned with the postponement and have their sights set on budget deliberations later this year when city council will set the financial plan for the city for the next four years.

“All of the hard work and hard decisions are going to be made in the budget process,” said Christine Laing with the Calgary Alliance for Common Good. “You need hard rules, you need hard money and those come with really hard decisions about where you put resources and how you allocate them.