Launching our 2023 Fundraising Campaign

Now, more than ever, you are needed.

Launching our 2023 fundraising campaign

More than ever, our city and province needs people who can work across our difference for the common good.

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Tipi Harvesting

We're partnering with Indigenous leaders this June to participate in a tradition: tipi harvesting. Located near Castle Falls, Alberta, there is a free cultural workshop on June 25th. The team will be meeting up at 8:30 AM in Piuncher Creek, then an introduction to harvestinng tipi poles, and then a chat with an Elder.

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You're Invited for Breakfast

One of the members of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, the Calgary Interfaith Council, is hosting a breakfast with Mayor Jyoti Gondek.

And you're invited.

It's part of this year's interfaith breakfast.

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Media Coverage

"Calgary Herald: Citizens call for climate action, better transit at Calgary budget public hearings"

Many speakers, including Steve Bentley of the Calgary Climate Hub, were critical of the budget’s lack of funding for climate initiatives.

“This budget is supposed to be our net-zero launch,” he said. “Between this council and the next, that’s us either missing or meeting our 2030 net zero goals. Does this feel like a net-zero launch budget to you? I’m not feeling it."

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"Calgary Mayor weighs in on budget discussions."

"I think the increased cost for transit reduces the accessibility in general. It impacts folks' everyday budgets. It puts the cost onto the users," said Erin Klassen with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, a community advocacy group.

Klassen says the budget does not align with some of the goals and priorities council has set out in its first year.

"The desire to reduce mental health challenges, addiction, homelessness and systemic racism experienced by Calgarians every day," are all priorities for council, Klassen said. "But then cuts to the sections of the city that would support those things."

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