Why we listen in our democracy.

At the heart of our work as the Calgary Alliance is listening. By listening, we build relationships, find leaders and transform our personal and community's struggles into winnable public issues.

All of this happens through our listening campaign. Listening campaigns how we ensure that that issues that we take on together are rooted in the experiences and struggles of our members. When we listen we don’t just listen for issues. We look for where there is energy in our communities.

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Take Action: Help Create the Indigenous Gathering Place

There are over 500 places in Calgary devoted to cultures and spirituality and not one is specifically intended for Indigenous peoples. The Indigenous peoples have been asking for an Indigenous Gathering Place for over 5 years. Such a place matters not only to Indigenous peoples, but to all Calgarians as a space to learn and as a commitment to truth and reconciliation in action.

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Media Coverage

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#KeepCalgaryStrong 2.0

During the fall of 2019, as city council considered cuts to community services and the low-income transit pass, we mobilized. The result was that we preserved the low-income transit pass and changed the conversation at City Hall.

Here is some of the press our campaign received. 

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Sprawl: "In Tense Times, These Calgarians Make Space For Dialogue"

There’s also the recently launched Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, a non-partisan and non-profit organization of religious congregations, unions, school and community groups all working towards a better Calgary.

“The root of what we do, but also in some ways the most counter-cultural thing we do, is that we sit down and have lots of cups of coffee with people,” says Ryan Anderson, lead organizer. “It’s taking the time to encounter other people as human beings and to be curious about them."

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