Take Action at City Hall

Join us on Tuesday, November 22nd, at noon, as we take action on Calgary's Municipal Budget. We'll be gathering just outside council chambers and entering council for 1:00 PM, where we'll showing that not only are Calgarians paying attention, but demanding better for our city.

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You're Invited: Action Assembly 2022

Every four years, councillors sit down with the mayor and work on a budget that’ll guide the city’s finances. Between now and 2026, the fiscal direction of our city will be largely set, determining the fates of many programs, infrastructure and how we choose to shape our city, with only minimal changes each year in between.

This is a pivotal point in our city’s history and a moment that requires your attention. We have choices ahead of us as a community.



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Media Coverage

Opinion: I'm a pastor; in the face of genocide, the soul of my church is threatened

In July, our lead organizer wrote an opinion editorial through the CBC's editorial section. You can view it here.

Churches are burning. Others are sprayed in orange and red with the haunting words: "We were children."

But these are small losses compared to thousands of graves of children. What are a few buildings, when the church is losing its spiritual legitimacy? Who in their right mind would turn for spiritual hope to institutions that preach love but participated in and hid the abuse and deaths of thousands of children at residential schools in Canada?

I am a person of faith and a member of the clergy. I'm left with a harsh question: In the face of genocide, can the churches save their own soul?

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"Calgary skyline to be lit Orange on Canada Day."

“So having a safe space in Mohkínstsis, in Calgary, where we’re able to pray and be with our elders and with our community in a safe way,” community organizer Tapisa Kilabuk said. “Collectively, we are in this all together, and it’s important to have non-Indigenous folks be a part of this process as it’s their community too.”

  • "Calgary skyline to be lit orange on July 1 amid calls to cancel Canada Day celebrations" - Link
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"Groundhog Day On The Green Line."

Jane Ebbern represented the Calgary Alliance at a council meeting this spring that focused on the Green Line LRT project. She was featured on local news website Sprawl Alberta. Her comments are below.

JANE EBBERN: I'm here to speak on behalf of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, which brings together 31 organizations that represent approximately 36,000 Calgarians. Together we organize the power of our communities to shape a just and compassionate Calgary.

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